How to unlearn jealous

How to unlearn jealous
 The desire to have reigned partner inevitably leads to jealousy. And jealousy - it is a passion that can complicate the love relationship and poison life. To cope with this strong sense that Deplete the soul, try to understand the reasons for its occurrence.
 Ask yourself, what is the cause of your jealousy. Because no other endows you with his love or attention? Fear of losing a partner? Woman jealous of her man glances to the side, only because he thinks: "I'm not such an attractive, middle-aged, too thick, and the like." She does not sleep at night, coming up with the most adverse scenarios. She compares herself with others, and all these assumptions exist only in its presentation. Ultimately, like any passion, jealousy is always a melancholy man himself. It arises only if it anything missing. And, as a rule, if a person is internally something is missing, then outwardly and it will not all safely.

Often jealousy proclaim indicator of the strength of love, arguing that the jealous man, the more he loves. In fact, this feeling only shows how much uncertainty, fear, and desire to possess at present jealous. Hoping and trusting in the love, man clings to it because it helps them feel more important, or for the reason that it provides material or spiritual support. But the attitude of the partner as property kills love and destroys lives.

Try to understand that in such a relationship your love gradually turns into a debt, obligation, violence. Limiting and restricting partner, you define its end. It is much easier to love a man, next to which is free and easy to breathe through which everyone can be themselves. Become your partner for just this. Then you realize that your jealousy speaks only about what you are really missing. Wanting to get rid of this passion, first of all try to love yourself. Realize himself equal, start to treat yourself with respect and consideration. Do not dream to become perfect, just be who you really are.

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