How to return a Man and other

How to return a Man and other
 Man or other loss can lead to depression and low self-esteem. Do you miss, experiencing in my head there are questions to which answers can not be found. But before you try to get it back, try to weigh the pros and cons. And if after that you still want to return the guy starts to operate.
 Take care of your appearance. You need more time to make a lasting impression on him that he thought that, do not rush you to leave. Try on a face of a confident, beautiful and well-groomed girl. Start your visit beauty salons, sign up for yoga or dance. Should be compelling not only outside but also inside - not even admit that you can not have conceived.

Remain a part of his life. Do not avoid mutual friends and the companies in which you will meet with the former. But take your time and keep your distance. If you start too often appear in his field of vision and try to speak, he suspects that you have him run.

Show off your appearance that you are all well. More laugh, smile, be in a positive mood. Guys usually scare and angered women's tears and sadness, so do not show them in public.

In some cases, you will help the male instinct rivalry. If your ex-boyfriend suspect that someone you like, he will initiate the reunion. But remember - this method works not with all, and in some cases, jealousy can be dangerous!

Communicating with former friend, try not to touch the topic of your separation and past grievances. Sometimes, very rarely, allow yourself to call him. A reason for the call to be really serious and real. For example, the computer crashes, which he had helped you to set up and repair. Speak only in the case and pay attention to his mood. If a guy is not in the spirit - round out the conversation.

Return former lover - a long process. Do not try to speed it up, but do not tighten - because your boyfriend may have a new girlfriend. To converge slowly, trying not to make mistakes of the past, less talk and more action - for example, suddenly kiss him.

And for the future. If part - do it in a civilized manner. Then in the future, if you want it back, will make it much easier. Try to avoid abuse - male pride stung'll never forgive you.

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