How to beat laziness

How to beat laziness
 When my mother, once again inspecting notebooks and school diary child is poor grades and comments of teachers at the failure of homework, the first reaction, most often, it is a punishment. What a bummer? How can this be - not doing homework, lazy, do not want to learn? After all, it is the duty of the child! In addition, mom and dad said, "You have to! ". But before you rush to punish the child and charges parents need to understand where did it - children's laziness.

First of all, it may be excessive parental care. If Mom and Dad worked hard to give the child everything he needs, then they often subconsciously seek to protect the child from the same effort. Like, it is difficult, and he let it be easy. These parents are constantly trying to protect children from any unnecessary labor, both at home and at school, and thus educate perfect lazy. But growing up the child will still have. It is unlikely that parents want all his life he was sitting on their neck and did not quite realize in life. Student still have nothing to rest, study - this, according to Russian law, his duty, not a favor of him. From the outset to explain to a child and from an early age to teach him some elementary work.

Maybe laziness is another reason. How many times each student, doing a regular job, repeating to himself, "Well, why should I care ?! ". Indeed, the inability to apply this knowledge in practice, failure to understand why he was doing this or that matter, can lead to a complete aversion to learning. Therefore, as soon as the child goes to school, you should gently ask him about the knowledge and tell us how this knowledge can be useful to him in real life. Why teach geography to determine azimuths? Hike and show an example. Why do we need knowledge of mathematics and geometry? During the next repair tell us how they can be used to calculate the right amount of finishing materials.

Another common cause of which parents somehow often afterthought - a state of health of the child. If he gets enough sleep? Is it balanced meals? Is it enough for normal health exercise or not it too much? What may seem ordinary parents laziness, it may be just a lack of sleep, which is fraught with problems with the nervous system and health in general. Try to establish a regime of the day the student enrich his diet multivitamins.

Too tight control on the part of parents or, conversely, its complete absence can also be causes of child laziness. The task of parents - not to be dictators, and guide the child, tells push and not "kick". If mom and dad all day long at work and child raising, mainly television, there is reason to laziness more than understandable. It is urgent to take some action, because that in itself is a desire to enroll in such Chad is born.

Watch and circle of contacts of the child. If his friend - a notorious slacker and Losers, this is unlikely to benefit your child's learning. Of course, it is not necessary to prohibit communication with him "bad" guys, but we need to explain that lazy Wasi own life, and copy all his actions do not need.

Be attentive to your child, never call him lazy, idlers, parasites. This process is called labeling and is a kind of direct programming. Instead of "You're lazy! "You can say," Today you are lazy ", it will be much more correct from the point of view of psychology.

Remember that swearing, shouting, and even more impossible to make beating a child to love school. In general, one can not get anything to fall in love. Try interest, understand and find the right solution, and the way you tell your parents' heart.

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