How can we understand each other

How can we understand each other
 Mutual understanding in a relationship - not an easy task. Partners, it is important to work on yourself every day and seek to understand each other's motives. To do this, perform a number of important steps.
 There are three different psychological types of people: kinestety, audialy and visuals. First it is important to have a physical sensation of man and the world around. They have developed more tactile feel than the organs of sight and hearing. Kinestetam like touching a partner as often as possible.

Audialy, on the contrary, prefer to listen. Women often are of this type. Visuals speak for themselves. These are the people who need only the outward manifestation of the partner and the world.

Now you need to determine what type of you. Perhaps you combine 1 or 2 of psychological kind. It's OK. Then analyze what kind of thinking is typical for your boyfriend or husband. If he, for example, kinestet, then it is important to feel constantly touching, hugging, kissing. Let's exactly what he wants.

If it refers to the visual psychological type, you should pay more attention to their appearance. Try to look neat and in a good mood. Then you will cause in your partner only positive emotions. This will help you quickly understand each other. In short, trying to communicate in their own language.

Explain to your partner all of the above principles, so that he, too, learned to understand you. If you audial, tell him that you enjoy listening to compliments in his address, approval and praise. Gradually, with practice, you will be able to adapt to each other psycho.

Find a common goal in life. It is important to always know where and what to move. When it is taken for both partners to achieve a certain task becomes much easier. This can be a common hobby or business project. In addition, as long as you are passionate about the work, you simply will not physically time for quarrels and disagreements, as you will have the responsibility to yourself and your family. Work on a common enterprise will help you better understand each other.

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