Female friendship: Fact or Fiction

Female friendship: Fact or Fiction
 If the girls directly to ask whether there is a female friendship, the great chance to get an affirmative answer. However, it is not without reservations: friendship can survive for as long as her friends on the horizon appears a man. And it is here that events may unfold differently.
 There is the possibility that one of her friends would prefer to spend time with good company, rather than the companion. In this case, talk about friendship is clearly not necessary, the relationship between the girls gradually come to naught. And well even if it is so (high risk that ex girlfriend all turn into bitter enemies).

However, man can cause contention and in a completely different situation. If one of the girls are already married, and the rest do not exist, then it may well turn into an irritant in such a team. Envy - not the best stimulant friendship.

But despite all the possible causes quarrels, real female friendship is still the place to be. However, only in the case if there is no jealousy between friends, rivalry, and there is a true understanding and patience. Not so difficult to find a girlfriend, how to maintain a friendship further. But you must not be linked in the maelstrom of his own experience and problems, and to pay attention to her friend. Find time not only to complain about it, complain to the vest, but also know that at this moment going on in her life.

To be able to be friends - is an art, which should give more than receive. Let your good relations will be established not only in words but also in deeds. After all, it makes no sense just to sympathize, if a friend, for example, sitting with no money. It is better to offer her financial support from its side. Can often hear the following sentence: "She calls only when her from me anything you need." If you do not want a repeat of their own experience, think about it. When one all the time there is only consuming and giving nothing in return, the friendship with such a person is unlikely to be strong and long.

In addition, it is important to be able to not only comfort, but also share the success. Fight with your envy, perform changes in their own lives. Girlfriend lost 10 kg? So forth, do not sit on the site, sign in the pool or in the gym. All solely in your hands.

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