5 ways to lose friends and alienating others

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 The man - a social being. This means that without a society to exist, he can not. He constantly requires communication. But one is very easy to make acquaintance and have a lot of friends, and others not very much and favor. In fact, set up against the whole world very simply ask. To do this, just need to follow some rules.

1. Constantly radiate negative.
Discuss all the shortcomings of their colleagues. Heard about a neighbor gossip glossed over so that he was ashamed to go out of the house. Inform your friends only bad news and it is desirable first.

2. Forget about courtesy.
Goodbye and hello is entirely optional. Listen to someone You also do not have to, you're not a therapist, after all. Feel free to interrupt the interlocutor, you also do not really care about his concerns. Always try to shout down the speaker, because your story is much more interesting. Come visit without warning. Come into the house, not Razuvious. Do not take off your shoes. Do not wash your hands. In general, do not do all the things that make just lazy.

3. Most take at a friend's debt.
Do not give in time. Better not give at all. And if you and your friends are sitting in a restaurant, order the most expensive item, and then proposed to divide the bill evenly at all. Offered to drive his companions to the house, at the entrance to ask for money for gasoline. Or do not ask, remind then that a ride, so they do not return the debt to you. Come to visit, try to eat more and drink, and go, do not forget to take something that you are not together.

4. Always speak only of themselves.
About how imperfect world who is on your background. About how you find it hard to put up with it. And how all just have to decide in any way as an unsolvable problem. Let everyone know that you're the best thing in their lives.

5. His promises do not need to hold back. Tell a colleague that will drive it to work early in the morning, drive by, pretending not to notice. Then tell us that for a long time waiting for him. Often embellish the facts. More good about themselves and about others more negative. And for his words do not respond.

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