Full steam ahead: the choice of features steam technology

Full steam ahead: the choice of features steam technology
 One of the main secrets of harmony and well-being - a healthy and varied diet. To put this into practice, when the account every minute, you can purchase a steamer or multivarku.
 In a double boiler Multivarki and can be prepared not only to any meat and fish dishes, but also porridge. Successfully obtained soups and desserts, and can simultaneously cook food. For dinner or lunch of two or three-course takes an average of 30 minutes, and vitamins and minerals that are found in fresh foods are stored completely.

Choosing a steam technique, decide for yourself what set of features it should have. Some models are designed for individual small proportion, others - to more people and more spacious portions. There are semi-professional, capable to feed a large number of people the unit.

Champions in the number of variations are steamers. Although the principle of operation that they have the same possibilities and their value vary greatly.

Classical steamer is a three-tiered pyramid consisting of a plastic tray with a lid. The design allows you to cook several foods at once, such as meat and vegetables, chicken and apples for dessert. Compact storage system equipped with a more expensive model series: trays are nested, as a result of the technique does not take up much space. Fully solve the problem with the placement of a double boiler by using the built-in models. On sale is a combination steamers, combined with a microwave or oven. This technique is mainly built in, but no less convenient to use.

Note that unlike fish meat needs more gentle treatment: to preserve its delicate texture, temperature of the steam is not worth rises above 80 degrees. It is necessary to take into account the equipment manufacturers. That's why there is a built-Steamer temperature control from 40 to 100 ° C.

Since the function steamers generally the same, the buying decision affects usability care unit. For example, it helps water level indicator and the ability to replenish it through an external hole directly in the cooking process. It is worth noting electronic timer, buzzer, announcing the end of cooking, as well as the possibility to wash pans in the dishwasher. Provide complete comfort automatic cooking programs, an LCD display showing the operation mode, the timer value and even the degree of readiness of a dish.

Multivarki not so different from each other, rather than a double boiler. This technique is capable of cooking, steamed, baked and stew, and no one will burn dish is not, as the surface is treated non-stick coating. The difference between the models - in power, the amount of bowls, the number of programs and additional features such as delayed start or saving hot meals cooked for a long time.

There are models with a special device for use spices. In a special compartment added seasoning during cooking dish saturated with spicy aromas. Very comfortable with using Multivarki oven, fry. Many models come with a double boiler. Well established electronic protection against overheating and overpressure. In addition, the bowl with non-stick coating and trays can be removed and washed, even in the dishwasher. Compact multivarka can replace the kitchen several devices.

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