When cleaning do not have time ...

When cleaning do not have time ...
 Each support around him the degree of order in which he feels most comfortable. But sometimes there are situations when you need to get out to maximum effect in the minimum amount of time. Literally, it means that guests are on their way to you, and you with horror looks at your home and try to figure out what to do to not lose face in the literal sense of the word.  

To start easy. Guests - it's not sanepidemiologicheskaya check, it is people coming into the house they live in exactly the same ordinary people. So do not try to turn his apartment into a sterile museum, the more that time on it you still do not.

The first thing tidy plumbing. Grab the dishes in the dishwasher or fold in a separate bowl and cover it with a towel. Fill sinks and toilets detergent, let it sit for 5 minutes to dissolve the dirt could remedy, and in the meantime go running into the room, which will take guests.

Try to look at your home through the eyes of visitors. What exactly strikes while you in the eye? Collect litter lying not in their places. Underwear, was lying on the chair, it is necessary to remove, but the blanket on the couch and you can leave. He only adds comfort overall atmosphere.

Whisk dust in the place of revelation of its cluster, correct curtains, gather from the floor small items in a separate box that you hide in the back room, and understand, when you have time for it.

Return to the shells of the toilet, walk on them with a sponge or a brush, rinse with clean water.

Go back to the room, turn on the vacuum cleaner, speed them on the floor, collecting visible and clear debris. Under sofas and cabinets you vacuumed later in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Wet doormat and walk her in the hallway at the door. On washing floors throughout the apartment you do not have time, and wiping the floor near the door, you will create the effect of a recent cleaning.

In total, a surface cleaning you should take 15-20 minutes. If guests do not even knock on the door, a small resort to tricks. Melt in a pan with a little butter, send it sliced ​​apple, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. This way you kill two birds. Cook to whip up a small dessert and the first thing that drew the attention of the guests, barely crossed the threshold, will be a magnificent delicious smell. After that, even the most picky person does not pay attention to the possible confusion, because the smell creates a sense of comfort and a cozy house a mess - it is not a mess, and the artistic mess.

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