What and how to store in the fridge

What and how to store in the fridge
 Refrigerator - a real salvation for housewives, which appeared in the middle of the last century. Prior to this, those who loved food stocks, there were two ways: either to store products in cellars and on glaciers, or immediately processed. But as much as possible to maintain the quality of consumer fish, meat, cheese and vegetables in the refrigerator? How to comply with the required temperature and know the admissibility of a commercial neighborhood?

In the refrigerator for several temperature zones, which is of great importance for the safety of products, because they need different degrees of cooling. So meat and fish intended for long-term storage, it is best stored in the freezer, where the temperature is below -10 degrees.

Fruits and vegetables, on the contrary, more correctly placed in the positive zone. Otherwise, they freeze slightly, which negatively affect their consumer qualities. Ready-made meals can be kept on the middle shelf. Permissible storage temperature for them - from 0 to 3 degrees.

In addition the temperature is another important aspect of food storage in the refrigerator - filling and packing. If you bought a meat or fish, but are not able to cook them on the same day, will certainly pull out of the plastic bag, wash, dry, to cut and put in a tightly sealable bowl or container.

When the lid does not pick up, close the cling film products. If this is not done, firstly, they zavetryatsya secondly, their odor may adversely affect other foods stored in the refrigerator.

Meat and fish are best kept cutting in the packaging in which they were purchased (provided that this modern packaging "snaps"). Otherwise - in a better shift foil, providing protection from air.

By purchasing vegetables or fruit, put them in the refrigerator in plastic bags directly, or they can lose moisture. But do in the package a few small holes. Thanks to them in packages will begin to circulate the air, respectively, will not accumulate condensation products are not zaplesneveyut not rot.

A single word - shelf life of a product. Typically, raw meat and fish they constitute 2 days, gastronomic products subjected to a thermal or other treatment - 3-4 days. Cheese can be kept without compromising the quality of about a week. But remember that the duration of "life" depends on when this product was produced. It is no secret that the stores can sell products on the verge of expiration date.

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