Wet cleaning house

Wet cleaning house
 As research scientists, people obsessed with cleanliness, risk purchase more diseases in the nervous system, rather than the people related to this issue peacefully. Chistyuli constantly worry about the perfect order in their home and are nervous that the other members of the household and only do that spoil everything. Whatever it was, wet cleaning of the house is still needed.

According to statistics, in the apartment, where one or more people, enough to wash the floors once a week, wipe the dust - twice. In the house where there are small children or animals have to be cleaned more often. In the summer the need for cleaning is even greater: the windows are open, the dust on furniture and floors accumulates faster. In general, whatever the conditions of residence and family size, one thing is clear - still have to get out. And since there's no escape, you must turn out terribly unloved cleaning business in a pleasant process.

Remain far behind the times when rags were old shirts, sheets or pillowcases unnecessary. Of course, in order to save, you can give a second life to an old towel and use it instead of rags to dust, but is nice to pick up a piece of cloth faded in spots and stains, with the crumbling edge? Get rid of this rubbish. The shops sell a variety of special cloths for dust and floors of bright cheerful colors. Nice to look at cleaning equipment (gloves, wipes, rags, cleaning supplies) will help to make the cleaning process more enjoyable.

Do not skimp on napkins and rags for cleaning. For cheap cloth only smears dust and dirt, you have to pay a large amount of time spent on cleaning. Buy rags are absorbent and remove dirt from almost the first time. They are much more practical and will last much longer than a few cheap napkins. After use, do not be lazy and wash, rinse them - to the next harvest, they will again be clean and pleasant to look at.

Pick a good detergent-type rooms. Very convenient to use liquid assets in the form of a spray, do not require further washing. That it is easier and faster: Spray the liquid from a spray and wipe once or cloth surface, for example, pour the powder, and then try to wash it constantly vypolaskivaya rag?

To combat the dust pick up a napkin, not reserves the pile, and be sure to use polish for wooden surfaces. Firstly, it will give a well-kept furniture and noble appearance, secondly, filling the air in the room a pleasant aroma, and thirdly, in polishes contain anti-static agents, which prevent the rapid formation of a layer of dust. The same applies to the glass and mirror surfaces - no newspapers and cheap means. Use the special napkins, leaves no residue, and Spray cleaner on alcohol base.

Treat cleaning, not as an unpleasant but necessary business. Think of it as a small charge, that will make you slimmer and prettier. Determine the time for harvesting and try to meet the deadline. Plan your steps wisely, so that did not have to perform one job twice. Do not make unnecessary interruptions in the process of cleaning, do not stretch the "pleasure". And if you absolutely can not cope with unpleasant emotions caused by cleaning, hire domestic helpers - it saves you from having to endure suffering. However, as of a certain sum of money spent to pay for his labor.

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