Tips young mistress

Tips young mistress
 Most of the girls, for the first time confronted with the household chores, very afraid of doing something wrong. From cleaning, ironing and laundry are all pretty simple and clear, moreover, that in almost all homes today have a lot of different home appliances, much easier housework. One of the main issues that concern young housewives - cooking, do not you want to please her man a delicious dinner.

The success of vegan dinner largely depends on the quality of products from which you cook it. So first of all learn how to choose quality products, so as not to throw good money after bad and will not taint food.

To recognize fresh meat, push it with your finger, and if left fossa, a piece better not to take. Fresh meat is always elastic, so after pressing it quickly restores shape. Look, whether on a piece of pink ice crystals. If there is, do not take the meat, because it has repeatedly frozen and thawed, which is very bad for this product. If there is a piece of slime, and he exudes an unpleasant odor, so the meat is spoiled. Sometimes sellers try to hide odors and grease pieces of meat with vinegar. Therefore, if the meat department is worth a characteristic pungent odor, it is better to go to another store.

To select a good fish, pay attention to what her eyes. If they are clean, clear, not cloudy, and the pupil of the fish is not white, so it is fresh. Note the scales and gills. Scales should be smooth, tight-fitting, gills should not be sore. If you notice any violation, better give up the purchase, since it is possible that this fish was sick.

When choosing fruits and vegetables definitely smell them - odor should not be. Note whether they have any denting or damage.

When buying cereals and pasta make sure that the package was not superfluous inclusions and debris that the product does not exude a musty, rancid or moldy smell, was dry. Pay attention to the expiry dates printed on the packaging. Look at the numbers, it is set by the manufacturer, not the ones that are on the label supermarket.

When buying canned corned beef and make sure that the bank was clean, no dents or holes that may have occurred due to improper transportation.

Buying sausage, look at the color of the slice. If the manufacturer has used natural meat, it will dim, even grayish. If slice bright pink or red, then dyes contained in the sausage. White patches in small quantities only valid on sticks smoked sausage, other grades it should not be.

Ability to prepare delicious meals for your family will come to a young hostess with experience, but spoiled food can spoil dinner prepared even the most skilled chef, so be careful when choosing them in the store.

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