Self-sufficiency as a way to be happy

Self-sufficiency as a way to be happy
 This quality of character as self-sufficiency, a person develops their own. Life newborn is totally dependent on other people, but gradually growing, it gets rid of many dependencies, and their absence becomes a measure of self-sufficiency. This sense allows you to feel happy from what you have today, cherish it and appreciate yourself.
 It is necessary to develop a self-sufficiency as a way to be happy. This quality will help provide themselves with everything necessary for the existence and further development. A person who possesses it, clearly knows the true value of things. Therefore, it includes a list of the required minimum that is required for normal independent existence at this stage of life.

So, while the students of your needs are modest, for a normal life rather not very high earnings and average communication skills, a modicum of insolence and adventurism. Married, giving birth to children and taking part in the welfare of the family, providing a dignified old age parents, you need to have a lot more for a normal existence, and it's not just money. Self-sufficiency allows you to make serious decisions for themselves, guided only by their own interests.

To be truly independent person, you must have a basic set, without which you will never be self-sufficient. It includes spending money on the purchase of all necessary, their own homes, residential complex skills and communication skills to maintain different types of interpersonal relationships, the ability to bypass conflicts, legal knowledge and ability to protect the life, dignity and health, mental stability and the very physical health. Inability to independently secure anything from this set, resulting in whichever part of the person who will be able to do it.

In that case, when you are fully able to independently secure a comfortable existence in accordance with their needs, you'll be a happy man. Not obligated to no one anything. This independence makes any free and strong. Awareness of their forces and affects your behavior and even appearance, manner of moving and talking. Dignity - that is the outward manifestation of self-sufficiency is brought to you by other worthy people.

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