Packing delayed action

Packing delayed action
 Buying food and drink in bright packaging, ready salads in plastic containers, not all think about what harm they can bring to human health. Drinks, pourable earlier in glass bottles, and products are packed in a nondescript stiff gray paper, were the most environmentally friendly.

According to experts, most of the varieties of modern packaging consist of toxic pollutants penetrate the food and drink, and then enter the body. The more often we use the products of these packages, the more damage is done to your health.

In the production of many types of plastic packaging uses toxic chemicals such as bisphenol A and various phthalates - a substance similar to the female hormone estrogen. Their abundance in the body can prevent the birth of healthy children, increases the likelihood of having a child with developmental disorders of the reproductive system.

The safest types of plastic, polyethylene and polypropylene are considered. Harmless as pure polyethylene terephthalate, not containing monomeric phthalates. Polystyrene can be composed of very toxic styrene monomer, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) damaging affects on the liver. In addition to the dangerous effects on the human body, plastic is extremely harmful to the environment: do not decompose, it pollutes the environment.

Deli meats and cheese, and cheese, vegetables and dried fruits are often packaged in polyethylene vacuum. This allows you to keep the food fresh for longer, but in such an oxygen-free environment breed bacteria. In the production of packaging for a popularly favorite chips and crackers sometimes used toxic glue that can trigger the development of cancer.

The impact of aggressive environment facilitates the transition of harmful metals that make up the alloy used to produce cans in the body. The longer stored canned foods, acidic juices, beer, energy and alcoholic drinks, the greater this risk. In closed canned meat and fish there is a minimal amount of botulinum toxin - a deadly poison. Increase in its concentration on opening banks under the influence of oxygen.

Experts advise on opportunities to buy food and drinks in glass bottles, never have canned cans. At the bottom of the plastic packaging is special marking, which allows to determine the composition: the icon PVC (PVC) and number 3 in a triangle indicate toxic plastic. PE (polyethylene), PETF (PET) or PET (PET) and polyethylene terephthalate means. Symbol PP (PP) or an image and a glass plug, and sometimes numerals 1 and 05 denote polypropylene. PS (PS) or number 6 - standard marking for polystyrene. The absence of any markings - a serious reason to cancel the purchase.

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