Nice to live not forbid

Nice to live not forbid
 Since then, as is gone Soviet Union, and at the same time he orders iprisuschie passion for luxurious life literally was overcome and the so-called "new Russian", and those who try to imitate them. Just like kids in a sandbox argue who prettier bucket, nouveau-riche literally litter the money, competing who will build the most luxurious mansion, who ride on the coolest machine. And any calls for basic common sense meet condescending smirk.

And what is the meaning of the general concept of "the good life"? And be sure whether the word "beautiful" to mean "luxury"? Especially - "frivolous"?

From time immemorial among hereditary Russian aristocracy was considered bad form to boast not only the origin, position in society, but also acquired wealth. Echidna saying "from rags to riches" characterized as a time of such personalities that go over some of the merits of the "base" class in the "noble", hastened to forget his past, on every street corner saying, "I am no longer a man, and nobleman! The Emperor's father gave me the title! And anything equal something - burn! All can now buy! I have the right, nice to live not forbid! ". To his good fortune, they were not even aware how ridiculous, absurd and pathetic look of their demonstrative claim to "nobility".

Similarly, after the abolition of serfdom merchants quickly replenished the ranks of yesterday's powerless slaves, many of whom immediately had a ball, throwing good money after bad, ugly arranging sprees in the capital's most exclusive restaurants, with the scandals, the smashing of cut glass and Venetian mirrors. "What? We reserve the right! Nice to live not forbid! ".

That's only in the memory of grateful descendants preserved not answer the merchant with these indestructible slave mentality, and such merchants as Tretyakov brothers or Bahrushin, or mammoths. People who have spent a lot of money to charity, to help talented artists, writers, theater-goers. Leaving behind not yellowed newspaper headlines like: "Mr. NN again made a drunken brawl", and art galleries, museums and hospitals.

Often it would recall the current fans of "the good life", because in the life of so many people in need in a very small part of their state, such as sick children whose lives are in question.

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