Is it true that people live all his life as felt as a child?

Is it true that people live all his life as felt as a child?
 It lays the foundation for a family of attitude of the child. Kid dependent on older, it is their assessment allows him to form an opinion about yourself. Every age has purpose beyond age period sensitivity is not so easy to change the mentality. As a consequence, the pain of childhood is reflected in a subsequent life. And the difference is not easy, because the moment passed.
 It is worth to mention that we are not talking about the general troubles of the family, but the intense and heavy relationship parent and child. Lack of support and love makes little man unhappy childhood. What happens to adults who nedolyubili as a child?

A person with a difficult past often there is a lack of pronounced positive goals. From childhood he was so accustomed to the negativity that the process of goal-setting and it always begins "to the contrary." In practice this means, for example, that he wants to avoid failure in the family, rather than build a harmonious partnership. As a result, people are constantly seeing the world in dark colors. That does not add to the happiness in adult life. This is the most severe consequence of poor health in childhood.

Also, such an adult has a problem of improper relationship to failure. It is difficult to continue to perform a new task, if you can not execute it immediately. After all, it does not really believe parents. He does not have the inner conviction that the next attempt, in principle, can be more successful. A new failure accumulate as a result of such a person more prone to depression.

Even worse is that the child does not see any positive samples relations. It turns out that he does not know what to do, that all goes well. It turns out that he is deprived of the opportunity to feel even better.

What should I do in this situation? First, forgive the parents if they are somehow offended. While the person collecting grievances to the world, he has no chance to rectify the situation. Secondly, you need to work with a therapist. It should not comfort you, and help to understand the causes and consequences.

The human psyche is very complex, but it is also flexible. 21 days is possible to generate new attitudes and beliefs. And then test them on group training, to make sure that you have acquired skills that were missed in childhood. Difficult childhood - not a sentence. Everything can be changed.

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