How to wash jeans

How to wash jeans
 Despite the apparent flexibility and reliability denim things from it require careful maintenance and laundry. Mishandling face change the color or size of your favorite pants.
 The result of improper washing may be the loss of form or resizing jeans. Also, due to improper care can change the color of jeans.

 In no case do not check the jeans to the dry cleaners - after cleaning cloth will turn into a shapeless rag. Also, it is advisable not to use the wash denim trousers washing machine. After the automatic wash jeans sit on a pair of size, fade and wear faster. Besides denim "does not like" contact with detergent. In most of these bleaching agents are present, which also adversely affect the color denim. For this reason, it is not necessary to soak the jeans in a solution of detergent. If the fabric is very dirty, then soak the jeans in a warm solution of soap for 30 - 40 minutes, and only then proceed to wash.

 You can wash jeans by hand, and you can try this method: expanded pants at the bottom of the bath and moistened with water brush for clothes, rub her soap. Soapy brush to clean the entire length of jeans. Do not overdo it - especially carefully wash those parts of trousers, which are attended by applique and decorative elements of rhinestones or lace. Leg cut and the tissue site to pay special attention to knees - these places are usually heavily soiled during wear. After the procedure thoroughly rinse jeans in warm water.

 Wash jeans you just have pre-inside out. Zippers and buttons must be buttoned in advance not to accidentally damage. After drying, the jeans ironed optional. However, for fans of perfectly ironed clothes come in handy this advice: ironed jeans must be turned inside out through a cotton cloth. In the process of ironing, it is desirable to strip them.

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