How to survive the move

How to survive the move
 Not everyone likes this vain and troublesome business - moving. The idea of ​​new housing warms the soul, but by presenting a number of things that need to pack, move and unpack, it is bad. But the move has positive aspects. You can find a long-lost items and throw rubbish.
 As with any large-scale actions to move you need to prepare ahead of time. Ask timing entry-exit, to be able to agree on hiring a truck and loader Brigade. Stock up on different packaging material in sufficient quantity (but for some mysterious reasons always enough). Get a cardboard box strong in supermarkets, buy more durable bags, a tape, a marker of twine.

Things that you will need to move very, set aside. Documents and money put in my purse, just remember in what is not to pack it. Begin to free cabinets with mezzanines, where usually stored all the unnecessary at this time. Ruthlessly discard things that you have a few years to shift from place to place, not using them. Put them in bags and, if they are in good condition, take in some charitable organization assists homeless people.

Immediately dispose of trash, so it does not take up space in the apartment and moved casually with you. Freeing mezzanine and built-in wardrobes, go to the packaging of books. They better be stacked and tied with string, carefully laying out the format. Linens are very heavy, so do not pick him under a huge box, better to take a few pieces smaller.

Do not forget to seal the container with tape to prevent dust and dirt from getting on things. Each box write what there is - it is much easier to disassemble and finding the right items. In a separate box fold the things that you will need for the first time in the new home, after unpacking will take a long time, but something you may need right away. For example: toilet paper, soap, shampoo, towels, disposable tableware, tea and tea, bathrobe, cosmetics.

Fragile dishes are packaged in several layers of paper, you can wrap it in kitchen towels and napkins, red marker write that the handle of the box to be careful. Bulk solids wrap in several packages. The box with bottles, jars, the contents of which theoretically could lead an arrow mark bottom. Things fold tightly to things not fought each other during transport.

Invite your friends and relatives who can help on the day of the move. You will certainly need their help and support. It is better if someone stay with you for the night in the new house. Nervous excitement of the move will be able to remove the person calm, knowledgeable and strong.

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