How to store bags

How to store bags
 Women tend to love beautiful accessories - they collect the entire collection of bags, picking them under each pair of shoes or clothes. However, all this diversity needs to be stored. In this case, it is desirable that these products have not lost the look and long to please his mistress.
 If there is insufficient space in the apartment, and bags of various sizes have accumulated quite a lot, then a good way to store them will be packing on the principle of nesting dolls. The smallest invest more in the bag and so on. The only negative is that if you want to get one of these accessories you will need to unzip the entire nesting doll.

If there is a tall cabinets with mezzanines, bags can be conveniently positioned and there, placing each in a container or box. The same principle can be stored in an ordinary closet. It should be put inside the old newspapers or magazines, so the bag will keep its shape better, they do not appear creases and cracks.

Cloth or beach bags should be stored in conventional towel racks. There are hooks, resembling the letter «S», which are easily adapted for accessories in the closet or in any other places where there is the bar or rod. These hooks can be used by hanging bags are not on the bar, and on the chain. In this case, they are arranged not horizontally but vertically one above the other.

Use the device storage bags on the cabinet door. By the form they resemble luggage straps that are attached to the furniture. It can also be plastic hangers for doors or wide hooks.

Those who have enough space to store the bags, you can purchase special shelves and cases. They allow you to package and provide them with the best integrity.

If your chosen accessories specifically for evening attire, they can be neatly hang on the same hanger. Then do not have to spend time searching for the necessary things. In this case it is recommended to see to it that the bag and dress hanging freely and not to deform each other during storage.

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