How to protect your ptomtsa stress for the New Year

How to protect your ptomtsa stress for the New Year
 New Year - a holiday human! Animal is this continuous stress. Breaks the usual routine. There is no peace at home or on the street, day or night. Guests alien brats, grab toys, dog take place or a favorite cat chair. Some small animals can not stand the nerves. The task of the owners - in advance to prevent the negative effects of long New Year holidays.
 New Year's Eve in the city - it's a never-ending month, almost around the clock cannonade of firecrackers and fireworks with various light effects. Pets at this beauty and crashing can react in different ways. During this period, the owners want to limit care and attention to their little animals while walking.

Firecrackers and fireworks with a sudden roar and bright flashes are double danger. First - it is the fear of loud noises. The second - a very painful injury from exploding firecrackers in the mouth, burns if a firecracker or fireworks operate too close to the animal.

Fear of loud noises may occur as a puppy, and a middle-aged dog. Frightened once, the dog is afraid of loud sounds over and over again. Stress increases. The dog tries to escape, risking the loss of pet. In the fear of the dog rushes down dale, literally under the wheels of cars.

Check the dog ammunition. Is there enough fitted collar, if there is data on it with your current phone, whether reliable shotgun. It is possible in this dangerous period go on a harness. During any folk festivals and even more so in the New Year holidays and vacations deduce only pet on a leash.

Stress is harmful to all living beings. To begin to deal with it is necessary to advance. The dog can and should help get rid of fears.

Healthy puppy vaccinated at 2 months of age and after 14 days it is possible to walk in the street. The sooner the puppy is outside his safe house, the more chances he has to get used to the noise of the city, much quieter it will move travel on public transport, hiking exhibitions. During this period, easy to teach your dog not to take anything from the ground, only with the permission of the owner. Immediately teach him to behave the way you require. The ability to execute commands in any situation and then make life easier and very dog ​​and owner.

If there is a crash, and your dog is scared, does not calm down, give the command to continue the previous action. If you have somewhere to go - next fled - running, you with someone talking dog sitting - sit playing ball - Bring and the like. Confidence host and clear the familiar team will calm dog. For prevention, turn noise into the game. Oporto and threw loud clap your hands. If the dog is worried about Aport remind her.

Very good for the prevention of fear of loud noises game balloons. Engage your dog, play with it. The main thing - do not flinch owner when the ball burst. If the dog is scared, did not react. Pretend that nothing happened and play the next ball. Always immediately remove the bursting of the ball in the inaccessible place for the dog. Praise and encourage tasty dog ​​when she is not frightened by the blown bulb. Timid dog may take a month of daily games with bursting balloons to get rid of fears.

Two months before the New Year can be turned softly at first, then gradually increasing the volume, audio explosions of fireworks and firecrackers. First 10-15 minutes and finish while listening to an hour or more, as the host stand. While listening to the roar engaged in the usual chores, playing with the dog, model the team, read the newspaper. The dog will understand that life can be so unpleasant sound background, but it should not be scared.

With a prepared dog to learn and not to frighten the recording explosions of firecrackers, you can go on and practical exercises on the street. Start with 2-3 small and not very loud firecrackers. Let them sniff, ignite and throw as far away from the dog. Immediately after the Cotton start the game or give her a familiar team. Twenty minutes later, repeat. Every day the power of firecrackers. If the dog was scared for a while, return to less loud firecrackers. For everything you will take at least two months of daily training.

When the dog is calm will respond to any firecrackers, go to a simple salute. Install them no closer than 20-30 meters away from the pet. Be sure to play with the dog. If she is not afraid of fireworks, praise, and lodged them tasty. Do not allow the dog to approach lying around the remnants of firecrackers and fireworks.

Please be love and patience, and your dog will repay you good health, carefree fun in the New Year holidays, and on other days too.

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