How to order a car for your wedding?

How to order a car for your wedding?
 Wedding - a landmark event in the lives of almost everyone. And the most modest celebration wants to beat tasteful, to spend the day with maximum convenience and comfort. Even if a large number of guests is not planned, and only a limousine for the newlyweds, to attend his RENTAL advance.
 Typical errors that allow the bride and groom at a wedding voucher - booking and no later than the contract with the fleet. The first face almost lack of choice of vehicles. This is especially true if the wedding falls on the most popular during the summer months or during religious holidays in spring and autumn. It is also for the "beautiful" date. For example, 12.12.2012 and the like. If your celebration falls on one of these periods, be sure to order cars in advance. Otherwise, in the arsenal of the fleet will remain the oldest or vice versa, the most expensive cars.

Find the right vehicle, signed a contract with a fleet. It is required to specify the date of the lease, the time of filing, the number of cars, their brand, color. If you have suggestions for drivers, for example, you want to see a woman behind the wheel or exclusively young man in a frock coat, too, write about it in the annex to the contract. In addition, there should be noted, whether you use the bar in the limo whether to decorate the car with flowers, ribbons, whether additional alcohol, dishes, snacks, etc.

To impress guests, enough to order a limousine or retro cars for the bride and groom. All other comfortably accommodated in vans. This is due, primarily, with the convenience of transportation. Tuple of long executive cars will be stuck in a traffic jam each with difficulty will pass through the narrow houses adjoining tracks, not always find a parking space near the registry office, park, restaurant.

If you are thinking, a lot of small cars to order for guests or a minibus, stop for a second embodiment. Then do not have to wait for stragglers at the traffic lights and lost invited. In addition, rent one, even a large car will be cheaper than several small ones.

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