How to effectively conduct spring cleaning

How to effectively conduct spring cleaning
 All spring awakens from its winter sleep. People are happy to celebrate the coming of heat. Women heavily involved in their appearance. Finally, the turn comes to housing and in which the spring is carried out general cleaning.
 On spring cleaning is necessary to allocate not less than two days. It is better to start early in the morning to the evening was free, and you can relax. Check in advance stocks cleaners, sponges, rags, and garbage bags.

Before you start cleaning, make sure that the apartment is well ventilated. Be sure to open all the windows in the room to incoming fresh air. If you wear long hair, it is necessary to tie a scarf, since it is often necessary to work with the head thrown back.

Getting started, be sure to wear rubber gloves. In addition, you'll need a broom with a long handle to obmesti walls and collect cobwebs in the corners and the ceiling. Dilute Purpose Cleaner in hot water and wash using a floor brush floors and walls, leave the room ventilated for several hours.

Cleaning of the room is better to start from the top down. First you need to remove the lights. Cloth can wipe glass covers, and decorative details, with refined form, it is best to rinse the container with warm soapy water.

Begin to clean up with a dry-cleaning, for example, turn on the vacuum cleaner, wipe or brush the dust. After that, go to Step wet cleaning with special tools, and washing floors. Wipe the furniture, flooring and baseboards. Be sure to wash windows and mirrors.

Use a paint roller to collect dust on horizontal surfaces that are high (eg, mezzanine). If the bar is too dirty, wash them with water with dissolved detergent using a mop, climbing on a ladder. Dampen the cloth as much as possible.

Replace light tulle heavy drapes. One of the walls with wallpaper paste over with images of butterflies and flowers, or dye it in lighter shades. Put a vase of daffodils and hyacinths, and enjoy the wonderful aroma of flowers and cleanliness of your home.

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