How to clean gold home

How to clean gold home
 Gold jewelry, pleasing to the eye with its brilliance, tend to fade with time. Discoloration caused by interaction of the impurities contained in the noble metal with oxygen and moisture. Jewellery in gold require regular cleaning, during which the products are removed from the surface of the oxidation products is not only metals, but also particles of sweat and cosmetics.
 Dissolve any detergent in water at a temperature of over 50 degrees Celsius. Place the gold products in this solution for 1-2 hours. Soggy dirt remove with a toothbrush. Pay special attention to hard to reach places: the inner sides of fasteners, fixings for stone, different grooves and cogs. Rinse the jewelry under running water and pat dry. If necessary, repeat the procedure again.

Elements remove oxidized using 25% ammonia solution. For 2-3 hours, lower gold products in solution, then rinse and dry it. To clean heavily soiled metal, increase the processing time for a few hours. Do not be afraid to damage the gold ammonia will not damage its structure.

Clean the metal with a special paste to clean gold jewelry, which will help restore the darkened surface pristine luster. Use for processing soft brush or cloth. Inflicting on her pasta, clean decoration, trying to make the movement had the same direction. Remove residue with a dry cloth, rinse decoration vodka or ethyl alcohol to clean the gold from the finest fat film remaining on it after using the paste. Such treatment can also be carried conventional toothpaste having no bleaching effect.

Use for cleaning gold jewelry folk remedies. Wipe the product with a soft cloth dampened with onion juice or a mixture of egg yolk and beer. For a few minutes to attach the metal cotton pad soaked in vinegar and rinse under water decoration.

Place the gold jewelry in a sugar syrup for a few hours. Wrap gold items in a piece of cloth and place it in a pan of soapy water to which is added soda. Boil water over low heat for 20 minutes. Take care that the water is completely concealed cloth.

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