How to clean gold and stones

How to clean gold and stones
 To decorations were always bright, beautiful, attracts the eye from time to time they need to be cleaned. This must be done correctly, using some secret not to damage the metal and stones.
 Jewel, requires a simple refreshment appearance, can be dipped in soapy water for a few hours. Then clean with a soft toothbrush. The hot solution is better dissolve fatty dirt that accumulates from contact with the body.

However, this method of cleaning is not suitable if present in the product insert with stones. Turquoise, for example, absorbs moisture and loses brightness and malachite pales by heat and hot water, a lot of other stones can not tolerate high temperatures.

Gold in the lower sample product may even be oxidized, soap solution in this case may not help. Then mix ammonia with crushed chalk rubbed the mixture was washed with water and decoration. You can try to use another method of cleaning. Ordinary toothpaste mixed with chalk powder, petroleum jelly, water - all taken in equal parts. The resulting paste must be thick, it is applied to a toothbrush and rub her product. Then washed with water and wipe with a soft cloth.

All these components of the cleaning paste does not always have at home, and the need to clean the jewel urgently. Then you can use the usual lipstick. Apply it to a cotton pad or a handkerchief and wiped his product. When contamination is removed, wash or clean the lipstick with a clean cloth. This way you can take advantage of even being at a party.

Oxides of gold can be cleaned with onion juice and vinegar. Regular cleaning of these products will make ornaments bright and shiny. If the product is heavily polluted, but not oxidized, can be woolen cloth moisten in an aqueous solution of borax, decoration rub and rinse with water.

Iodine, got gold, can be derived by lowering the jewel in the hypo solution for 20-25 minutes. Matt surface gold items not clean pastes, since they can damage it.

Gold jewelry should also be protected from chlorine, so that in time the metal is not discolored. Give extra shine product in the following way - 2-3 teaspoons of sugar dissolved in a glass of warm water, placed there decoration and leave for 6-8 hours.

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