How to choose the ironing board

How to choose the ironing board
 Currently, some little mistress complete without an ironing board. There are a wide range of goods at different prices and from different manufacturers. To buy an ironing board must take into account their own needs and opportunities.  

That the process of ironing was easy and enjoyable experience necessary to take a responsible approach to the selection of tools to facilitate the daily work and know some of the features of goods sold.

The most traded option ironing board - a budget. Board consists of the metal legs, the surface of the ironing and steaming things sleeves. Desk is made of pressed derevoplity coated with foam and fabric. Sometimes, instead of foam used sintepon or batting. The board has a light weight, easy going and expanded, takes up little space. Unfortunately, this model is not a durable design. When ironing with steam, and derevoplita material which is located between the working surface, deformed and become useless, ironing board must be replaced. The only advantage of this option - low price.

More expensive and durable option ironing board is metal construction with metal desktop height-adjustable legs. The feet may be secured by rivets, bolts or welding. The most reliable fastening considered bolting, as rivets become loose over time, and fixing on welding can generally fail. The legs can be adjusted by way of a stepped fixing or sliding on the tubes. The most reliable option - a speed fixation. It helps regulate the desired height and weakens over time, unlike the adjustment using the sliding.

You should also pay attention to the stability of the legs. They must be wider than the board itself and secured on a material preventing sliding.

An important factor in choosing the ironing board is the size of the working surface, the presence of iron stands and wall outlet. The size of the board should be chosen in accordance with their wishes and needs. But the iron stand and wall outlets will help to create greater convenience when ironing.

Fixing the fabric on the board, it is better to choose a removable Velcro or eyeballs. It can be easily removed and replaced with a new one.

Current models are equipped ironing board features heating, vacuum, steaming and blowing. But this is not the board, and the whole ironing device, which costs several orders of magnitude higher.

You can also pick up the ironing board, processor, sold complete with iron and steam generator, which smoothes things without iron.

Knowing all the features of the ironing board and its construction you probably make the right choice.

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