How to choose plants for aquarium

How to choose plants for aquarium
 Every aquarist tends to make your aquarium beautiful. Aquatic plants are one of the main elements of the beauty of the aquarium. In the thickets of plants hidden newborn fry, and if necessary can hide and grown fish. There are some rules for the selection and planting of aquatic plants.  

When choosing plants for your aquarium, you need to know that for each plant, as well as for each type of fish need water of a certain quality, ie, particular acidity and temperature stiffness. In this regard, aquatic plants should be selected based on the composition of fishes in your aquarium.

 Fish that live in our waters, get along better with plants growing here. These plants are in the first place, Vallisneria and white water lily. Their beauty is not inferior plants brought from other countries.

 Most aquarium plants are the highest flowering. Also among them are ferns, mosses and some algae.
Some plants are planted in the ground, while others float on the water surface. In your aquarium you can place both types.

 When choosing aquarium plants should pay attention to the fact that sometimes some species do not get along with each other, so-called antagonism plants. These plants antagonists include Vallisneria and Cryptocoryne. In this situation, some plants thrive in the aquarium, and the other does not survive or grow worse.

 Aquarium plants are divided into light-loving and shade-tolerant.

Almost all Echinodorus, Cryptocoryne and plant species, floating on the water surface, you need a fairly bright light.
Species such as Cryptocoryne Griffith Thai fern and others feel comfortable in the darker areas of the aquarium.

 For your aquarium try to acquire young bushes. The only exceptions are some plant species, including the crypts, which grow slowly and begin to breed at the age of only a few months or even years.
Look carefully, twigs and bushes that were completely green, without spots.

 There are some basic rules of planting:
1) in the most prominent place should be light-loving plants;
2) growing, large plants should be planted singly;
3) plants with thin feathery leaves look very nice if they put a bush;
4) broad-leaved and the highest plants should be planted at the rear glass of the aquarium or in the corners, in the middle of the aquarium is a small bushy plant, and closer to the front glass smallest;
5) when planting young plants growing need to consider their further growth.

 Now pet stores offer a very large selection of artificial plants for the aquarium. Trouble with them, of course, less, and from living their little differences. But, nevertheless, in favor of living plants, we note that:
- They saturate the water with oxygen;
- Plants with small leaves play the role of a filter, keeping mud particles and contributing to water purification;
- Live plants are spawning substrate for fish ikromechuschie;
- Some species of aquatic plants are an additional food for herbivorous fish;
- Without them, the fish often suffer and die.

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