How to choose a gown

How to choose a gown
 Coat has long ceased to be products intended only for doing business there household. Modern gowns can tell a lot about its owner, to emphasize its individuality, give it respectability and solidity, or, conversely, to add lightness and ease. Therefore, the choice should be taken gown more than seriously.
 Now nobody will be able to surprise bathrobe in the men's locker room. More often than not the stronger sex choose for themselves models thick dark shades such as blue, burgundy or black. Most modern men's dressing gowns made in the classic style.

Young girls often prefer more delicate shades bathrobes. Girls delighted with the pink models, like Barbie dolls and boys choose gowns that are exact replicas of those worn by their heroes and superheroes. Housewives usually prefer practical bathrobe non-staining colors.

When choosing a gown note the material from which it is made. Synthetic products do not require special care. They are easy to wash, and are relatively cheap. These gowns are best used to perform household chores. Synthetics do not absorb moisture and is not breathable, so this gown will not warm you in the winter cold, and in summer it is very hot.

Terry cloth - the best option for bathrobe. Its structure may include bamboo, cotton, flax, and other natural fibers. Terry robes perfectly absorb moisture, keep warm and allow the skin to breathe.

When selecting a bathrobe note as the thickness and shape of the loop material and the method of its weave. Mahr, the surface of which consists of a simple loops, is particularly soft. Robes of it is very convenient, but short-lived. Mahr consisting of twisted loops, rather practical, but not very soft.

Choosing a gown, pay attention to his inner seams. Make sure that they are well crafted to avoid chafing and other discomfort in the process of socks products. Run your hand over the surface coat. If a thing is quality, on your hand there will be no villi.

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