How to avoid pre-wedding depression

How to avoid pre-wedding depression
 Day after day is approaching an exciting and long-awaited event, when you officially announced husband and wife? But often due to awareness of all liability committed step almost every bride instead of joyful emotions experienced sadness, fear, and even hysterical.
 To avoid unnecessary emotions, deal with organizational troubles with her future husband. Interest in each other, that each of you would prefer to add or remove, try to find compromises on controversial issues, make decisions together. Be a little selfish if you will settle family. The upcoming celebration - your wedding, not the wedding mother-in-law, sisters, etc.

Do not try to control all the items the organization of the festive evening, otherwise instead lead you to the altar, the future husband will accompany his bride in an ambulance. If the celebration is going to be lush and rich, be sure to find yourself at least 4-5 more assistants among relatives and closest friends. This does not mean that you have to blame everything on their shoulders, but you are quite right to ask someone of them to follow up on at least one case.

Perhaps pre-wedding depression is associated with the fact that you suddenly have any doubts about your vote. If the decision to marry was not accidental, and it is based on reciprocity, safely open a new door in your life, because there you will not be alone. Especially since not every marriage ends in divorce. To see this and a little bit to recover, flip through the biographies of the famous couple who lived happily married for decades.

Pre-wedding depression characterized not only brides. Most likely, with you secretly sighs and tormented by fears and your future husband. In this turmoil not deprive each other possibilities at least one day to spend as you both want. Arrange a romantic evening or a picnic, go to the movies or just make something out of what you normally like to do together. One or two days of joint rest to recover your skin tone and help to open up a second wind.

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