How not to panic

How not to panic
 A large crowd of people potentially dangerous, as organized and cultural seemingly group in unexpected emergency can be a wild unruly crowd. Maintain his composure and not to panic - these are the main rules of survival in this position.
 Psychology of the crowd differs significantly from the psychology of the individual. In a familiar atmosphere, a person acts adequately, given public opinion. Under the influence of panic surging law-abiding citizen is capable of terrible things - it costs nothing to break the window of a shop, hit and even kill another person.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, including uncontrollable aggressive crowd, try to follow the rules of conduct, called "ABC of safety in emergency situations."

Move in the same direction and at a pace with the crowd. Do not try to go "against the current" - is likely to fail, your actions only cause irritation to others.

Avoid, if possible, the center of the cluster of people, as well as windows, pillars, fences in your way, narrow passages. Hands must remain free - so if it enters the stream of uncontrollable crowd, remove from the bag passport and money, and throw the bag itself.

Feeling the pressure from behind the crowd, squeeze your elbows and push them to the body. If you fall, try to get up this way: lean one foot on the ground, sat up straight in the direction that moves the crowd. Watch out for others and try to help those who fell (not risking vain).

Try to adequately assess the situation and take the right measures. Avoid panic following techniques will help you auto-training:
1. Look up and inhale deeply. Gradually lowered his eyes to the horizon and slowly exhale, try to relax the muscles of the body.
2. In order to calm the emotions cleared up, refer to themselves out loud, "Hey, are you here ?! ". And right answer himself with the utmost confidence, "Yes! I'm here! ".
3. Think of something pleasant and unexpected, hit the panic with this memory. Smile.
4. Look at yourself from the outside, a bit on the side and top. Try to adequately assess the situation in which you were. What would you advise a friend who has appeared in this situation?

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