How is the Cannes Film Festival

How is the Cannes Film Festival
 In 2012, the Cannes Film Festival turns 65 years old. And all these years remained unchanged its mission - to find a broad audience and demonstrate paintings, contributing to the development of cinema and the evolution of the worldwide film industry.
 International Film Festival world scale was established by the French Ministry of Education and the Arts. The first festival was chaired by Louis Lumière was scheduled for 1939, but its grand opening was held in Cannes, just a year after the end of the war - September 20, 1946. However, from the outset Film Festival in Cannes has become a serious rival to Venice.

Each time the official program of the event in Cannes shows the diversity of cinematic art in different countries. The festival is organized competitive program ("auteur cinema to the general public") and the program "Un Certain Regard" (original theme and execution). Also there is a non-competitive program, and a special "Midnight" shows, as well as the program "Cannes Classics" and a series of films from film schools.

In 2011, the Cannes Film Festival was attended by directors and actors from 40 countries. Being an event for professionals in the film industry, the Cannes Film Festival in recent years have also focused on the interests of filmgoers. For some time now, even the opening ceremony is broadcast in cinemas, allowing viewers to follow the events of the festival in Cannes in the air. And in Cannes opened themselves a kind of "cinema without walls" (in the open for everyone), where movies are shown competitive program before its official release on the screens of the world.

Symbol of the Cannes Film Festival - red carpet. The parade of stars on a bright carpet on the steps closely monitoring the media throughout the world. Organizers red carpet makes the same honors take as famous figures of world cinema and talented newcomers. In addition, it is an occasion to thank all those who Film Festival owes its prestige.

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