How can I decorate the car covers

How can I decorate the car covers
 Your car should their appearance bring you aesthetic pleasure and reflect the character of his beautiful owner. To stand out from the crowd, decorate the car covers and original features. The decor can be not only beautiful, but also useful, for example, the pockets in the right places will solve the problem of accommodation of different things, and the insert on the back of sheepskin will warm you in winter.
 Usual standard car covers can make a real masterpiece when to show fiction and not lazy. When decorating you can use silk thread, satin ribbons, decorative ribbons and torsades. But do not take sequins, rhinestones, beads and other enough volume elements, so they are not caught in the tights or clothing.

Large embroidery or applique decorate the back of your driver's seat, reduced copies of the same pattern, place the remaining cases the kit. Use the thread colors and patches that will be in harmony with the tone of the car.

Pick a stylish ornament with elements that you use in your clothing and accessories. This can be any certain flowers, butterflies, dragonflies or stylized images of animals. In this case, even the car covers will become your "signature" sign.

Embroidery on your sketch you can order and in the studio. Interestingly will look covers with a pattern in the form of Celtic runes or Byzantine tie. Drawings for embroidery can search sites tattoo parlors, there is a very large selection of different topics.

To warm winter kit covers and take care of your health, it is enough to back pristrochit neat flat piece of sheepskin. In summer the back need ventilation, so you can sew on the seat special wooden balls that have more and massage effect. Sew them better narrow satin ribbons, as in the original version they are fastened fishing line, which ends painfully scratched and left tightening on tights.

Sides covers decorate cute pockets perforated suede or leather. They are easy to store little things that always lost (chewing gum, comb, lip balm, etc.).

Dissolve the seams of the old covers reinforce twisted decorative cord or braid. Set immediately acquire distinctiveness and originality. To mask worn on the seat, use the insertion of a dense tapestry, in harmony with the basic fabric covers.

Make a softer seat will help cushion of foam sewn under the cover. In this case, make a beautiful quilt, and the crossing seams decorate the flat soft buttons.

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