Home Appliances: required minimum

Home Appliances: required minimum
 In any house should be furnished, now without a washing machine, kettle and fridge your apartment can not imagine not only the housewife but also an inveterate bachelor. Equip an apartment or going to move? Then you just need to make a list of the achievements of modern industry, which is necessary to have in the house.
 Washing machine

Need to everyone, and to argue with this utterly pointless. It is only in Europe, where most people live in rented apartments, enjoy a laundry service. In our country such a thing does not exist. You can, of course, always wear all my underwear and clothes to the dry cleaner, but this practice over time will result in a tidy sum. And wash your hands sheets - a thankless task.

Refrigerator and freezer

If the home is no fridge, there is likely nothing at all, so the necessity of this household items can not speak. But if in need at home freezer? If you have a large family and in the refrigerator forever lack of space, some foods can be frozen for longer storage. Minced meat, meat by-products, dumplings, as well as fruits and vegetables can easily be put in the freezer. After defrosting they do not lose their taste and can thus be stored for much longer.


Is relevant only where a lot of dishes and wash it no one likes. If you live together or not at all in splendid isolation, a couple of dishes to wash your hands and it is quite possible. Dishwasher consumes power, even though a lot about this and do not think, in addition, you will have to provide additional item of expenditure for the special detergent. If you every day several times a day are forced to wash and piles of dishes - do not need to worry. Buy yourself this miracle of technology and enjoy the free life.


Of course, this invention of mankind should be in every home. Although at one time it went about conflicting rumors that food in such a way to warm up the extremely harmful, none of them did not materialize. Microwave has firmly taken place among electric kettles, toasters and vacuum cleaners. If you still heat the meatballs in the pan, think about your time and purchase a microwave.

The required minimum each, of course, his own. Someone sufficiently small boiler and manual machines for washing, while others establish a home storage of equipment for various purposes. Do not go on about the fashion, buy only what really need.

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