Dishwasher - luxury or necessity?

Dishwasher - luxury or necessity?
 It is unlikely that someone from housewives say that loves to wash the dishes. But if more recently from this necessity was no escape, now in almost every hardware store, you can buy a dishwasher. However, the percentage of sales of these wonderful devices in our country over the years does not change much, while still very low.

It is believed that the dishwasher is not the most economical solution in terms of energy consumption. Furthermore, small kitchens simply not always enough space to install the unit. Well, dishwasher remains for many housewives luxury.

Each of these arguments if you want you can find objection. Firstly, "dishwasher" consume as much energy as all the usual automatic washing machine. Water consumption is generally very low: for a full cycle of works will spent about 16 liters. It provides an elaborate system use the same water by filtering it. Current models of washing machines "are able to" self-select the optimal mode of operation according to the number of dishes loaded.

Second, manufacturers offer models of very small size, which, if desired, can fit in any kitchen.

Third, the constant contact of hands with water and chemicals can not be more important than a necessary purchase, the more so that today there are interest-free loans for the purchase of home appliances.

Fourth, dishwashers do their job well, they do not do it, no housekeeper. The process takes at least half an hour at a temperature of + 60-65 degrees with a detergent. After that, the pot has neither plaque nor harmful microorganisms. Water is passed through a multistage filtration system and wherein is ionized, which improves its quality, promoting effective cleaning of the dishes.

And the most important argument in favor of buying a dishwasher is time. While washing the dishes, you can afford to relax or do something else.

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