Common mistakes when washing: how to avoid them

Common mistakes when washing: how to avoid them
 Faded T-shirts, shrunken jeans, lost their bones bras clothes ... When extracted from the washing machine to lose its original shape, frustration and disappointment is inevitable. Therefore, you should be guided by certain rules washing.
 Underwear becomes hygienically clean not only at 95 gradusov.Chtoby kill bacteria and pathogens enough temperature from 40 to 60 degrees. The dosage of the powder is determined solely by the degree of water hardness: the higher it is, the more detergent required. If the pull-out container for the powder settle its remains (then there can be formed mold), the dose should be reduced.

Do not think that, boot the machine to complete, you can save water and electricity. When the drum is full, disrupted the proportion of liquid volume, temperature and detergent. Underwear in this case does not extend, resulting washed repeatedly falls. Stick to the rules - between the top of the drum and dirty linen should remain free space equal to the width of the palm.

On the small window, usually located under the hatch, is often overlooked. In this case, the barrier-pile filter should be cleaned every two months. If it settled too much lint or debris (thread, paper handkerchiefs), the machine ceases to pump water. With the same frequency as the filter, clean the sliding container for washing powder.

Do not wash colored clothes with dark or white. Then the light will become gray patina. New colored clothes wash separately to check whether the paint is durable and does not fade if it works.

Coloreds and delicate fabrics Wash inside out: it protects both the paint and fabric fibers. Lightning button, otherwise they can damage the drum or plastic cuffs hatch. Underwire bra necessarily into the special bag for washing.

Softener effective at a water temperature of 15 degrees. Use them for extra softness things. By following these rules, you can achieve not only the cleanliness of clothes, but also its long service life.

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