Cleaning the eyes of men and women

Cleaning the eyes of men and women
 This element of everyday affairs as domestic cleaning, able to cause this conflict between spouses. And all because they look at it, it would seem, just busy, very differently.
 For a woman cleaning is a task that she does several times a day. She arranges for a washed the dishes after lunch and dinner, immediately decomposes in places things daily washes dirty clothes, cleans on the shelves clean and so on.

She tries to keep clean and tidy at all times, while men, on the contrary, it is easier to clean the apartment, but once in a long while. They do not see the point to every thing there and then return to his seat, and start cleaning only when the apartment comes a real mess.

Cleaning rare in men is also due to the fact that they simply do not notice the first layer of dirt and dust. If things are placed in their places, and they can find them, men absolutely do not feel the need to hover purity, even if on the shelves is dust and debris.

In addition, a woman will begin to harvest, in fact it is usually her plans. Men need a lot more time to gather strength and spirit to such an important matter.

But if representatives of half accepted for cleaning, they do it is usually much more carefully and more efficiently. The fact that a woman has long been a routine cleaning work that it has carried out automatically. Men, once begun to such trouble for them the case, give him all my heart, putting things in order meticulously and scrupulously, then to feel that they are not wasting their time on such activity.

And different "geography" of cleaning. If a woman can simultaneously wash in the bathroom, in the kitchen cooking and dusting run from room to room, the man must first do everything in one room and only then begin to restore the purity of the other. And it also contributes to a more thorough cleaning.

Knowing all these subtleties and differences in regards to this kind of household responsibilities, you can not just stop conflict about pointing purity, but also benefit from it. The best option - quietly every day to take care of the maintenance of order, and the man is rarely granted, but general cleaning.

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