"You're fired!" How to respond?

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 Learn about what you are going to dismiss - always a strong psychological shock. Especially if for one reason or another person is difficult to find a new job, for example, in times of crisis or in a small town where there are almost no vacancies, or age is close to retirement, or it is a single mother with a small child, etc. . Even if the work is something not satisfied, she still gave and livelihoods, and the feeling of employment, value, and now it will not. How should we behave, learning about the impending dismissal?

First of all, even though it is difficult - do not panic, do not become embittered. Calmly and carefully assess the situation. There are a number of cases where the termination of an employment contract, that is, the dismissal by the administration of the enterprise without the employee's consent is not permitted. Maybe your case is also included in this list? It will not hurt to inquire or seek legal advice.

If the actions of the law, then it is necessary to adjust themselves to the fact that the dismissal, of course, unpleasant, painful thing, but life is something does not end there! Only death is irreversible, and any other situation, if desired, and diligence can be corrected. Repeat to yourself, "I'm not a loser, just the circumstances. I have both the experience and the desire to work, I will find a new place! »

Hold the temptation to succumb to anger, irritability, does not conflict with the now former superiors and colleagues in the last two weeks of work (statutory deadline). Find the strength to part with them calmly and with dignity. It will bring you a double benefit. First, rumors spread very quickly, especially in small towns, and it is unlikely the new employer wants to take rowdy. Secondly, so much more likely that the former will give you a good guide written recommendations, which will be easier to find a job.

Very much in this situation depends on the closest people. They should refrain from accusations, claims, even if it seems that people in some degree to blame for job losses. Instead, you should encourage him, patiently listen to if he wants to throw out the emotions. Note: when experiencing stress inside, it will be consequences for your health!

Where possible, the person who has lost a job, you should make at least a small break before you start searching for a new one. Elementary rest, to gather his thoughts. And at the same time to build a new "list of priorities." Not only was it examples of middle-aged people, starting from scratch, have been successful in a completely new, unknown before, the field of activity! An example of a teacher of JK Rowling, became world-famous writer, is very revealing.

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