Work together with your loved ones

Work together with your loved ones
 Many people dream to reside with his other half, even at work. But whether or not continuously monitor the elect? After observing each other for 24 hours per day can lead to fatigue and decay relationship.
 Of the advantages of working together, you can highlight the following points: a discussion of family problems and future purchases for lunch or a cup of coffee during a break, traveling with his beloved half to the place of work and back home. As a general interest in the work can not unite the couple. Only need to remember one thing: you can not tolerate working problems in the family. You can always maintain your soul mate, give valuable advice and help in solving the problems of the workers. Also a soul mate can be controlled. The woman will be spared the eternal question to the man about where he was, with whom, and for how long. All will be known. But in this case, the control can not only women but also men, it will also be privy to the duration and location of the business negotiations.

The downside of co-host at one firm pair is that the employer himself is not interested in such a relationship between peers. Since in the event of a dispute one employee working plead for your soul mate, and thus the company could lose both two workers. Also not the best way reflected interpersonal relationships between the pair on the exercise of the enterprise.

The most important drawback in staying on the job, along with favorite is the competition between the two elected representatives. Begins to fight over who is better is the case, who will achieve more success in his career. And if a woman earns more in a pair than her man, then save such a relationship is unlikely to succeed.

Problems at work can negatively affect relationships within the family. Conversely, family conflicts can be transferred to the workflow.

Men and women may develop fatigue from each other. After constant pastime anything good ends. Each person should have its own space where you can relax all.

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