What kind of work reduces life

What kind of work reduces life
 From the work horses die. And sometimes it can happen and managers, as well as cleaners and sellers in supermarkets and even with conventional distributors of leaflets. So what kind of work is considered the most harmful and whether engaged in unloved business to earn more money?

Of course, the first place in the list of works that reduce life, are professions related to hazardous substances and radiation. You can sit in the office and do light work, copying the contents of one paper to another, but at the same time receive a dose of a harmful substance on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this work is not uncommon. All kinds of chemical plants and laboratories, defense industry, laboratories and factories related to the microbiological production, as well as nuclear reactors and nuclear power Research Institute.

Hazardous working conditions considered are those that are very different from human comfort zone. Hot or cold, areas with high humidity, excessive dust or contaminants. Also considered harmful production, combined with noise pollution and exposure to electromagnetic fields. In such a situation a person finds a long time is not recommended. That is why in hazardous industries established more frequent breaks and adopted other labor standards.

Hard physical labor and reduces a person's life. Now, of course, most difficult and demanding jobs in factories mechanized. However, there were such positions that involve the use of physical force. Laying asphalt work at railway stations and crossings and some of the work in the factories. Although, as scientists have found, moderate physical labor is even useful. If the work does not involve extremely high loads of the body, and implies a constant physical activity, it not only does not reduce, but even prolongs the life of man.

Well, finally, of the nervous and require more mental or moral tension. Oddly enough, statistics show that early mortality among people employed in hazardous industries is almost the same, and sometimes even lower than among those who engage in serious intellectual work. Everyone knows that the brain consumes much more energy than the body when working long and hard. A tired after a long mental work, even if just to sit at the same time in one place, can be many times greater than that of digging the garden or asphalt. If the job you have, besides, also very nervous and you're constantly worried - you know that you are at risk for a bracket for workers of harmful chemical and nuclear industries. After all, the nerve cells do not regenerate.

In short, everything is good in moderation. If you want to live longer, look for a job to their liking. She should you like and do not cause any unnecessary stress or excessive stress. After all, there is nothing that prolongs our life, as the realization that we are in the right place, and place it suits us.

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