Office Romance: what will happen with a career?

Office Romance: what will happen with a career?
 To always go to work with pleasure, you can fall in love with a colleague. Romance sometimes even help to work more productively. However, everyone will be comfortable if in the first place for you will still be standing career.

Office romance can lead to the fact that, even working shock, you will constantly experience emotional stress. And yet it is not always. In order to successfully combine love and career, you should carefully read the company policy. Feelings among employees is unlikely to directly prohibited, but still sometimes employers consider such relationships unacceptable. Who is afraid of sexual harassment in the work environment, and someone does not want to lose footage due to the love drama in the team.

At the beginning of a relationship in the "labor under the" worth to put everything in its place. Give colleague understand that in the event of a failed novel you stay friends. It's hard, but life is worth trying. Explain to elect that person you'd expect from this novel; arrange as you both will behave at work, tell someone about your relationship (and whether we should do to someone report them).

Think how would your relationship in the office. It is unlikely that someone wants to be seen as the creator of the hostile atmosphere that make a chaos in the labor process, or abusing his authority in the workplace. Many would prefer to be treated as professionals and not as a "partner" or "girlfriend" of a staff member.

If you do decide on office romance, try to reduce the informal dialogue with the elect to a minimum (for example, exclude affectionate nicknames, no hugging and kissing is not in full view of colleagues, etc.) or to forget about such manifestations of tenderness. Try less talk and exchange glances. Give staff understand that your relationship does not affect the performance. Pay attention to each other and you can during the lunch break and after work.

Do not dwell on what you do on the weekend or as a plan to spend the holidays, if you do not want to discuss a couple of your entire office. It's hard to hold back when about someone enamored of gossip as business etiquette does not allow said sharply: "Shut up, how dare you, because he's my man!". Thus, you will also suffer from the fact that they could not protect a loved one. So be wise.

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