Office romance is like a hoax

Office romance is like a hoax
 Every weekday you spend as much as 8 hours on the workplace. It is only natural that during this time do not just have to break away from the important lessons to chat with colleagues, have a cup of tea or ... an affair.

Most often, the increased attention from colleagues complain about women. Oddly enough, in most cases they provoke unambiguous hints and open flirtation. Trying to look attractive in the workplace, choosing outfits that emphasize the dignity of the figure, beautiful ladies just simply do not allow men to focus on business. And as you know, the last time so much of the conduct in sexual dreams and fantasies.

But, at the same time, the stronger sex flirting and even perceive relationships between colleagues rather superficially. According to statistics, only one in twenty affair, which began in the workplace, waltz ended Mendelssohn. So do not count on a serious relationship and dream story vending employee under the crown. But a passing fancy can result in serious problems, because work in a team will be much more difficult, and prevent personal insults solve operational issues.

On the other hand, one of the advantages of office romance - old acquaintance lovers. You are well aware of the marital status of each other: no ring on your finger can not fool you, because you know very well who is married colleagues, and who is single. Therefore, the filter communicating with the male part of the team is pretty easy. The main thing is not conducted on the famous stories about virtually collapsed family, rapidly going to break relations and other troubles that are experiencing married fan.

It should be wary when a man does not attempt to move your communication for the office walls. If the novel is limited frank flirtation and affection in a secluded corner, do not build castles in the air. This mountain-lover is better to give his resignation. After all these relationships - just an illusion that occurs due to the fact that you spend every day together a long time. In fact, everyone has their own life, and many men, this situation is quite satisfied. And you run the risk of being targeted oblique views of colleagues and the main theme of their gossip.

Even if you and your loved one have managed to become the exception to the rule, and love is growing stronger day by day, try not to show their feelings at work. After diminutive treatment to each other, constant hugs and talk about things in a low voice, clearly irrelevant, hardly like bosses. Therefore, leave your emotions at the door the office and try not to be distracted from the work process.

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