How to turn work into pleasure

How to turn work into pleasure
 The ability to be happy at work gives a person a number of advantages: it is much faster than capable of solving business problems, easily adapts to changes within the team, successfully moving up the career ladder and in many cases more than it earns.
 However, only a very small percentage of people say that they get pleasure from work, for most it is hard work, coupled with serious physical and emotional stress. If you are among the majority, try to look at his career a little wider, after all, what do you do at work is an integral part of your life. This is not only a source of income, but also a great place for self-fulfillment and improve their business skills.

It is important to strike a balance: not to take unfinished work home and not to stay in the office until late. In order to receive the joy from work, we must be able to fully relax at home - merge with family and friends out of town, go to the movies, read your favorite book.

Learn to separate the troubles and difficulties of professional activity (not fulfilled the plan on time, did not reach the necessary financial and other indicators.) From his personal life. Do not worry because of problems at work, in which you are not to blame.

If the office has some annoying factor that affects your mood (annoying colleague, bad computer, inadequate lighting), it is not necessary every day to endure the inconvenience - solve the problem as soon as possible.

Difficulty office activities often lies in the fact that you can not choose the people you work with. If the relationship with colleagues do not add up, do everything possible to establish them: try not to criticize other employees, even if they deserve it, do not spread rumors, do not waste time on empty conversations with windbags.

You can not love your company, but their responsibilities should always perform in good faith. When you are working well and see the results of own activity, you are much easier to move on. Get enough experience and expertise, you can always find yourself another job.

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