How to survive at work

How to survive at work
 Sometimes the "office plankton" is not as harmless as it may seem. Besides, coming to a new place, it is necessary to adjust to the new rules, laws, established traditions. Sometimes it happens that the organization loses a good specialist just because a person simply "ate" cute colleagues. Coming to a new place of work, take care of their security.
 Understand the general situation. Do not rush immediately plunged into the turbulent waters of office relationships. It was in the first month is the largest number of errors, which will subsequently be very difficult to correct.

To avoid falling into a ridiculous position, ask questions. Do it quietly, politely. It is better to consult a more experienced colleague, than to do the job properly and deserve censure from the management, and then another, and redo the work. Just before you ask a question, first make sure that you will not prevent colleague. Do it at a convenient time and be sure to thank.

But from personal questions should be abandoned. You first need to adapt to a new place, to become "their" man in the new team, earned the moral right to personal conversations. In the team must understand that you are "man team" and not the proud genius loner. It is not necessary to oppose itself to the team, let them know that you put above the overall success of their own.

Behave with colleagues friendly, helpful, but do not let familiarity themselves, and in his address. Do not let senior colleagues pushed around, and colleagues, let men flirt. Popustitelstvuya this attitude, you can eventually earn a reputation as an affordable special or "lower" creatures. A good way to build relationships - joint lunch with co-workers. During the meal, you'll be in the company, and the reason for such "get-togethers" the most common, do not have any implication.

Dress in style, but do not forget that this style should match business spirit and office dress code. Too short skirts and blouses too open will not bring you any extra points in the eyes of colleagues, or in the eyes of management.

Do not criticize or make fun of veterans. Remember, they would not have worked in it for so long if it had not benefited. Surely, they could make a significant contribution to the prosperity of the company, since they are treated with respect. Behave correctly restrained and prove their relevance professional success.

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