How to quickly enter the working mode

How to quickly enter the working mode
 After a break in the work, whether it is a holiday or holiday, it is difficult to re-tune to the workflow. There are simple but effective rules that will help you through this period quickly and with minimal loss of nerve cells.

Pay special attention to the regime of the day. Failure usual daily routine has a negative impact on the general well-being. So try to leave to go to bed and wake up at about the same time as before. If you do not get enough sleep - it is better to lie down even during the day. In this case, then you will not experience difficulties with early ascents to work.

Plan your vacation so that the return to work had not at the beginning of the week, and in its middle, or end.

Tune in to the business mood help cleaning your workplace. Sort the paper and get rid of all that has lost relevance and is not relevant to the current task. Perform the same procedure with an electronic file. Sort documents and planning the next working days helps to quickly integrate into the job. Besides, it does not require high concentration and is not directly related to the solution of important problems.

Do not handle all the work at once on the first day of work. Divide the entire scope of work on a part, according to the priorities and increase its load slowly, or quickly enter the working mode will prevent additional stress.

It is advisable not to appoint conduct complex meetings, negotiations on the first few days after returning to work.

Good tunes to work and communicate with colleagues. Discuss business topics, and not successful vacation. Nice to also view the news on the topic of working, which appeared during your absence.

Do not stay at work overtime, even if actually accumulated a lot of things. Otherwise, the previous fatigue would make itself known with a bang. But do not hurry up and go home, walk better.

If possible, align the beginning of work with a visit to training or seminar relevant to your profession. Firstly, it was after the holiday information obtained at such events, it is better absorbed. Second, the exchange of experience, which is accompanied by seminars, can motivate you to further professional growth. This means that the work will be productive and interesting.

If you still feel you are not coping with stress, buy at the pharmacy medicines herbal teas that will help you calm down and relax. But take them just before bedtime, and not at work, otherwise provoke unwanted drowsiness.

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