How to plan your time

How to plan your time
 Time, unlike Finance is a resource which can not compensate for audio or return. Therefore, it is necessary not just to protect, but to learn how to spend. This requires planning your personal and business time.
 To begin, you should write a list of things you do every day. No matter where or who you work with what you do. You should clearly present for yourself, what exactly is included in your area of ​​responsibility, and that takes time in your life. Break these cases into several groups: important and urgent matters; important and urgent matters; urgent and important matters; not urgent and not important. With this grouping, you'll see what kind of things should be put in the first place, and what can wait your attention. It is possible that at this sort, some problems will disappear by themselves. But their decision could take you a very long time.

You must be a diary or planingi in which you should write down all your tasks, meetings and calls for at least a week in advance. This approach will you discipline and will not take more time to razdumyvanie about what you prefer in the morning. And rising in the morning, you will not be frantically to remember what you had planned last night. Self-discipline and accountability especially in front of him will bring more order into your life and eliminate unnecessary waste of time.

You must be planned not only business but also leisure. Get yourself one important habit - every year, at one and the same time to go on vacation with the family. Choose the best time for all family members. And let this period will be untouchable for other important things. This is the time that you devote to just rest.

It is also important to plan holidays and during the week, for example, on a Saturday night you can meet up with friends for a trip to the cinema. But this time should be planned rather than spontaneous. If you are accustomed to constantly work, so your brain will learn to switch on vacation and that he needs nothing less than your body.

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