How to plan work

How to plan work
 To avoid a situation where time is catastrophically on what is missing, and new cases continue to fall on your head, you need to learn how to plan the work. This skill will help you not only to deal with all matters in time, but also save your nerves.
 To master the art of time management is most important - to learn to prioritize. Do not try to perform all the tasks at once, you can not do it. It is better to distribute them in order of importance and urgency. Do not rush and do things consistently.

Easy to navigate the list of cases will help scheme. Divide the paper into four parts. In the upper left corner of the place works, which have the status of the most important and urgent. In the upper right quadrant write task quite important, but not urgent. There will be long-term problems. At the bottom of the case will be listed unimportant but urgent and non-urgent and unimportant, but need to be addressed in the left and upper-right corner, respectively. List, drawn up in the form of the scheme will be the most visible, and it will be easier to perform affairs in order of priority.

Once you have established a joint list, go to a private planning - everyday. The night before, make a list of daily chores. So you will have more opportunities to think about them, and your mind for the night will be able to analyze the tasks and develop a plan to deal with.

Use a variety of devices that allow to unload the memory for the organization of their activities during the day. This can be organizers, electronic calendars or reminder on your mobile phone. If you just write all my future works and plans in this way you get rid of anxiety that you forget something. This will reduce the tension, and release your short-term memory to address current issues.

 Try not to forget to leave between the individual tasks small time intervals when planning work for the day. Stocks of time will keep your nerves when suddenly something goes wrong, as planned. If you make between individual cases additional half an hour, if there will be unforeseen circumstances, it will not affect the rest of your work.

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