How to organize working time

How to organize working time
 How is it that some employees may have time to do much more than most of his colleagues? Usually it is easy to explain - Proper planning of working time. This can help to not only perform all the necessary in-time, but also to show leadership at its best.  
 Lack of time in modern humans is becoming more acute. Because of this, and a new direction in psychology - time management, helping to best organize their time, including working.

The specific activity of a plan by the time spent varies depending on where in the area and the conditions in which you are working. However, there are general guidelines. For the organization of working time will be very useful to clearly define its terms of reference. Often, a person may not be able to fulfill their direct function of the different orders, not within its competence.

Also, the organization of working time will timekeeping. Within days, keep a record of all its activities in the workplace. After that, analyze, whether to organize your day, you can save time. For example, can be an effective measure for optimization routine processes such as checking e-mail. If this is possible with your work, check it is not more than three times a day and notify their correspondents. Otherwise, read on various spam and newsletters can leave a disproportionate amount of time.

Try to plan your communication with colleagues. Always cases of force majeure, but if you are constantly interrupted, even on important occasions, working, performing direct duties may be delayed. But if you scroll to consult with colleagues a certain time, it will help you to work more intensively in regulation time.

Consider the plan breaks at work. Do not give up lunch - after a full switch to a different workflow activity of the brain get needed rest. If you have a mental work. Try to include at lunchtime physical activity, for example, to walk to the dining room or cafe.

Also spending time helping competent planning. In this case, you will be easier to distribute the execution of a global labor problem in time.

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