How to inspire employees

How to inspire employees
 It is no secret that the best results are achieved production teams in which each employee is motivated to work and taking the initiative. The question of how to inspire employees and how to stimulate them to full effect, how to awaken their ambition and convinced of the importance of duties assigned - one of the most important management issues.
 One of the reasons that your staff are not very interested in the job, is to remove them from the decision-making and the opacity of the process. Even if you practice directive leadership style and the situation requires that all decisions taken by the head, try to explain to employees the reasons why you chose one or the other option.

In that case, if you prefer a liberal or democratic style, you should definitely involve making the choice of professionals who are at your command. Hold meetings and briefings, discuss proposed solutions, listen and consider the views and wishes. In this case, your employees will feel responsible for their work, they will try to execute it in a timely, satisfactory manner.

Organize your work unit so that taking the initiative encouraged. To do this, keep the morale of staff initiative, the collective mark the successful performance of the job and do not fix attention on the possibility of failure.

Be fair and objective, do not start itself pets and favorites. Inequitable distribution of rewards can deprive incentives for good staff and good work, people at the same time literally dropped his hands. If you are someone you want to select particular, then the rest of the staff there should be no questions about it - it should be clear that this man really deserved promotion as a result of their activities.

Make it a rule to reprimand and scold the guilty employees alone. Do not forget to acknowledge the good work of his subordinates, and praise him for all. Everyone should know that his efforts and successes visible leader.

Be confident in yourself and keep the success of optimism and healthy competition in the collective. Encourage employees by their example, their dedication.

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