How to beat the professional jealousy

How to beat the professional jealousy
 Professional jealousy is multifaceted in its manifestations. Sometimes it enhances team spirit in the workplace and promotes personal growth, and sometimes - causes significant differences and long-standing conflicts between employees.
 Psychologists distinguish between positive and negative professional jealousy. Positive promotes team building for the sake of the common purpose, strengthens interpersonal relations staff - a "competition" achievements perceived by all participants as a fun game, so it is painless for all "players". A colleague got a raise? Positive jealous cause you to make every effort to repeat his feat of professional and get praise and gratitude from his superiors. Once such jealousy begins to transform into jealousy, seething anger and a desire to spoil someone else's triumph, jealousy ceases to be positive - you terribly annoying unreasonably high salary chief secretary, unfair transfer to the central office staff involved in relation to you a lower position. It seems that everyone is against you ...

Career success is impossible without victory over negative professional jealousy - it is about making your eyes, interfere with the performance of official duties. In what good it will not. Admit to yourself that you are jealous colleagues. So you think that they are more respected, appreciated and forgive them minor tweaks. Barely felt a surge of uncontrollable anger, try to pull myself together and calm the emotional storm. Take a break - have a cup of coffee, chat a couple of minutes in the "smoking room" and again ... get to work. Learn how to maintain sobriety and composure of mind without regard to others. Win professional jealousy will only complete self-control.

By learning to manage their own emotions, make envy work for you. Think carefully: what you could get around an opponent? Rather than dismiss the gossip about him, with a head dive into the new project or one of his superiors and offer a way to improve the quality of the goods or services. Your talents will be appreciated and jealousy will be over.

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