Features working flirting

Features working flirting
 The question of how can there be a work flirting, quite complex. On the one hand, difficult to confront their own feelings, especially since the suppression of emotions leads to the fact that they appear in the worst possible moment. On the other, is not always appropriate to mix work and personal life. However, consideration of some features of working will help you flirting with minimal losses to cope with such a situation.

We consider three types of worker flirting: the first variant you flirt with a colleague, in the second he tries to get your attention. Well, in the third case it is a mutual attraction.

What they have in common? Not as much as it might seem at first glance. Although there are a few unifying moments. And the main - almost total rejection of society. For some reason, most of the office staff working opposes flirtation. Arguments given weight - someone says that the whole should be a place for someone working flirting is a factor that reduces the performance, someone guided by ethical principles. The truth is all these weighty arguments only as long as people do not face the man of her dreams ... Then they immediately change their minds.

And if you look, especially working flirting, whether it is mutual or unidirectional, consist in the fact that all these arguments are without soil and only built on stereotypes that are easy to dispel. Otherwise we will not be so easily passed their position.

The first argument says that you can not mix work with personal life. However, working flirting does not imply this confusion. It can happen if behave incorrectly, but not always. Literate person is able to respect the boundaries and avoid ambiguous views during meetings and not to write persuasive words in memos. However, a joint visit to the dining room during lunch break or caring glance toward the object sighs, not destroy the work environment.

The next argument against the working flirting - reduction of efficiency. However, here you can find not correspond to reality. Trying to attract someone's attention, you first pay attention to ourselves. You must be the most attractive, charming, beautiful and including show their superiority in their work. You must be interested in the object of his flirting. Similarly, a man who flirts with you, will also improve its efficiency. If this does not happen, and the performance is reduced, it is likely not talking about the dangers of working flirting, and that man is basically not a very good specialist is not able to correctly distribute their own strength and to prioritize. As you can see, especially working flirting allow some degree check your fitness for the job.

And finally, what opponents say working flirting - its irrelevance in terms of ethics and morality. How Come? And here they are silent. Whatever it was, love or even just a hobby - it's a wonderful feeling that inspires a man fills his new strength and positive emotions, brings joy and good humor. A flirt - it is also a game. And only depends on you, you turn it into an innocent joke or a weapon to achieve other goals. However, if you are considering working flirting solely as a means of promoting the career ladder, it is more indicative of your attitude to life, rather than on the negative features of attending to a colleague.

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