You - the target of harassment for office?

You - the target of harassment for office?
 Psychologists have come up with a nice synonym for "scapegoat" called "mobbing", describing it as emotional abuse in the workplace. For the first time this phenomenon is explored in the early 1980s, Swedish psychologist and medical scientist, Dr. Hans Lehmann.
 Baiting takes origins from some minor conflict, and then converted into a permanent showdown and the blame game. In such disputes longest holds the position of a colleague with strong nerves. Bosses are usually neutral to such conflicts, of course, if they do not very involved.

Horizontal mobbing is a persecution that comes from colleagues. Vertical occurs when the boss humiliates directly subordinate or team leader decided to survive. There are sandwich mobbing, when there are attacks "on all fronts", from colleagues and management at the same time.

Be patient, before responding to some of the comments, exhale and count to 10. Do not make any sudden movements, keep calm and concentrated at least outwardly.

Sign a diary and write down what happened in the office for the day. You will see what is happening from the side and objectively assess the situation. This will help determine the "ringleader", to develop tactics to further conduct. Make a notebook or notepad information about everything that happens on the day. Who, what and when to say what the response was from those around you than any conversation ended. The analysis will help to understand the complex situation.

Highlight colleagues who support you. Well, if you find people that feed the antipathy to mobbers and the leader personally, try to create their own group. Talk to an agent provocateur in the good, "in the souls." Cheat, ask him for help.

Do your work brilliantly to avoid nitpicking on this front. Good specialists know that if something happens to employment problems they will not have so literally radiate a calm confidence. Your professional quality will be difficult to criticize, and if you start to ignore the provocateur in about other topics, he will lose interest in you. Mobbing exists only as long as it is allowed to exist.

Talk to someone about the situation in the team. It is important to view from the side. Contact the organization for the protection of labor or trade union. Speak privately with a representative. You will help to make a formal complaint or to resolve the conflict.

In the office, follow the topics of conversation. Do not enter, and do not get initiated conversations about money (in particular, on the earnings of your colleagues), a critical discussion of the appearance of others, personal comments about your colleagues, keep with you the view of the authorities.

Newcomer should be more attentive to the choice of friends in the team, be sure to monitor their actions. Discuss with the head of his duties, make eponymous instructions. You eliminate conflicts with employees who want to impose on you to some of its functions.

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