Work habits that are worth and not worth bringing home

Work habits that are worth and not worth bringing home
 In today's world often have to work more and longer. Many stay at work or modify home. And sometimes the line between work and home begins to blur. Their work habits often bring people into the family. But if all they are useful for family relationships?

If you do not know how to organize their working day, they often take work home. Inability to organize, plan your day can be transferred automatically and household duties. You long "rock", collected his thoughts before starting a job or start several things at once, and bring to a conclusion only one. It is clear that with such a habit you have to fight. Plan your day in advance defines the sequence of steps to achieve the goal.

Perhaps you do not have problems with the organization of working time, on the contrary, you clearly paint every step and the steps of his subordinates and strictly followed so that there were no deviations from the target. This habit is better not to move into the family. It is wonderful to work with, but not for relations with close people. Organization, of course, need a home, but not pedantic. Allow yourself and other members of the household to live in uncertainty, not knowing what to prefer evening.

Another "bad" for the home furnishing habit - to raise your voice and talk by fiat tone. This is especially common for people in leadership positions. It is important to remember that your loved ones, those who live with you - not your subordinate.

Do not bring work home emotions. As often happens, at work, we can not answer the chief, to fend for themselves, to defend their point of view or do not want to spoil relations with colleagues, silent, and come home, relax and splashed out on loved ones all negative, accumulated over the day. Know how to control your emotions at work - and hold back home. Learn to leave all that bother you at work. A simple way to help: get out of the office, tell yourself: "Today, working day is over." From this moment you have free time, personally, your time, spend it with pleasure.

You are at work kind, sweet, sympathetic man, accustomed to respond to requests from colleagues. Here is this habit, this responsiveness bring home. Perform small household requests, communicate with loved ones, to help them in difficult situations - wonderful quality to ensure the viability of your family.

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